​We grow coffee at the Flying Turtle Organic Farm.

​We are just beginning to harvest beans at our farm, 5 years since we planted the Arabica coffee seedlings, and so we cannot yet serve our own coffee in the restaurant. However, we make regular trips to Padjaroen, a small village just past Mae Lanna, about 15 km from here. They were living in a larger village, Yapinair, and there were a lot of free ranging animals that would trash the gardens. As these people wanted to be gardeners, they decided to find a new place where they could control the animals. They settled in Padjaroen about 20 years ago. One of their children went to University to study organic agriculture, and when he returned, he persuaded the whole village to grow organically. That is where we buy our organic green coffee beans.

​We have a professional roasting machine, a Genecafe, and enjoy roasting small batches of coffee to get the perfect organic roast, medium and dark. Then we bring it to Busaba Restaurant for the enjoyment of our guests. 

Some of our beans are red when they are ripe, And some are yellow. Our coffee farmer friend in Padjaroen says they are exactly the same.

Flying Turtle organic coffee, drying in the sun, husk on.

At last, the final product, organic home roasted capuccino.