Soppong River Inn, A high end guest house, 7 Elephants Cafe, with beautiful gardens and rooms looking over the Lang River. A delicious menu also.    www.soppong.com.

Cave Lodge, Our good friends John Spies, Nahng and Steve create a wonderful ambience especially for young backpacker, trekker and caving types. Campfire in the living area each night. Table tennis. John has published a book about 30 years of living here, "Wild Times."   http://www.cavelodge.com/

Good Life Restaurant in Pai, Wheat grass juice, many kinds of tea, homemade bagels and a great place to meet people. Classes about cultures, yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, cream cheese etc.

Charlie and Lek's, a restaurant with an organic farm too. Cooking classes. In downtown Pai.

​Lak's Pig Blood Soup Restaurant-The Thai restaurant next to the gas station in Pai.  Yes, this recipe is first on the menu, but I have never tried it. Excellent Thai food. We ate lunch there today.

On Massage, Pai

Vipassana meditation at Wat Tham Wua, half way between Pang Mapha and Mae Hong Son. Beautiful gardens and mountains   http://www.althaiman.ru/thai%20htm/Province/wattamwua.htm 

​Wat Rong Khun, (the White Temple) just south of Chiang Rai. Incredible. www.watrongkhun.org 

Blue Diamond Restaurant, Chiang Mai, Soi 9 Moon Muang, near the NE corner of the old city.  https://www.facebook.com/BlueDiamondTheBreakfastClubCmTh.

​Supattra Blind Massage, near Blue Diamond, Sripoom Soi 1 @ Soi 9 Moon Muang, Chiang Mai.

​Nat speaks English 089-554-4678

Sailomjoy Daytime Cafe, just inside Tha Pae Gate, next to Black Canyon Coffee   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sailomjoy-Restaurant/105712589528972

Salween River Restaurant, Mae Hong Son, beside the lake. V. fast wifi. Very good food.   http://salweenriver.com/.  

Friend House GH, Mae Hong Son, cheap, friendly and across the street from Salween River

Doi Din Dang, Pottery studio outside Chiang Raihttp://www.dddpottery.com/process.html​

Ban Rak Thai, a small Chinese village on the border with Burma, tea tasting, a small lake; On the way there is the Pha Suea waterfall, and the Pangtong Palace with beautiful gardens and a small zoo. About an hour north of Mae Hong Son. My favourite motorbike ride.